About Us

RISE Aerospace Pte. Ltd is one of the leading aviation consultancy and completion centre based in Singapore. RISE Aerospace subsidiaries & joint ventures offer a multi-disciplinary range of services including strategy, cabin management, spares, operations, aircraft delivery / redelivery and project management.

We have created some of the most innovative aircraft cabins in this Region. Whether your operation calls for a VIP, SIX Star or a low cost cabin; We can help you discover the endless bespoke opportunities available to personalise your aircraft.

Our clients can be assured of the highest standard of service and professionalism from our teams, ensuring working with us would be a refreshing experience.

Company News

” RISE Aero  obtains CAAM 145 Approval (Approval Ref: AMO/2019/03) “
March 2019
” R.I.S.E Aerospace Pte. Ltd embarks on a momentous journey with Permagard  in offering their expert services in aircraft presentation, hygiene and infestation control with their Antimicrobial Shield.”  
March 2019
“ R.I.S.E Aerospace Pte. Ltd services is expanding within the region. With upcoming facilities in Korea, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, it is expected to see a huge demand of our services in numerous countries within Asia Pacific over the next 5 years. “
December 2015